what the fucking fuck. how the fuck do you eat a zuchini that big asked by Anonymous

lmao I slice it into giant discs, then cut down the edges (about 1in. from the skin) and dice up those parts for cooking. The inner core can get a little spongey when they’re that big so I prefer to leave it out. When you let a zucchini grow to that size it’s surprisingly tasty, it’s a little lighter on flavor than a baby zucchini but it holds its texture better in soups :)


this is a pic of one from last year

I even included sweet pototos for reference

now you know!

my dad gave me two giant zucchinis (they’re about 15 inches long, 5 inches in diameter) that he grew in the backyard and

two curries, two pasta soups, and one stir fry later, I still have about half of one left ahah these zucchinis are gonna feed me for a month

I need a life detox


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whats so good about th earmani cc cream if you dont mind me asking? asked by Anonymous

 it does everything my HG bb cream does but feels completely weightless and sets with a soft, matte texture, it doesn’t oxidize one bit on my skin and does a great job of correcting redness with just one layer idk I just love it a whole heck of a lot!

why's it so hard to be successful and likeable as a woman? asked by Anonymous

because we’re mean to each other and hard on ourselves

you just have to push through